Culture & Nature

Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese, it is a place where nature and humanity have left many great monuments through the ages. With a ravishing beauty, Rhodes combines the pure natural landscapes of the sea and the earth with the ancient, medieval and modern cities of man, forming a magnificent scenery. The incomparable beauty and the rich history of the island are reflected on all of its spots. And of course the warm, Mediterranean climate makes it one of the top environmental, cultural and historical destinations in the world.

The geographical location of Rhodes, has been a crossroads of civilizations, cultures, languages and religions since the ancient times. Rhodes “connects” three continents and two seas, therefore it was inevitable that many cultural aspects would be exposed, absorbed and mixed by the locals. All those aspects have put together Rhodes` unique identity throughout time. Note that, thanks to its operation as a trading spot, Rhodes was one of the richest and most prestigious cities of Ancient and Middle ages.

History has granted Rhodes three ancient cities, a medieval one, that has been declared as a monument of World Cultural Heritage, countless castles, monasteries, churches and neoclassical buildings, that can stop time in front the visitors’ eyes.

Rhodes` natural beauty has remained intact from man’s interference. From the vast, sandy beaches with deep blue waters to green valleys and wondrous wetlands at the central parts of the island, Rhodes’ landscape can make even the most demanding visitors lose their minds.

As it is a cradle of tradition, Rhodes is also the ultimate destination for gastronomy lovers, since its local products, such as olive oil and wine are famous for their unique personality and quality, all over the world. We can hardly describe Rhodes’ natural and cultural beauty with plain words, but we gathered the must-see spots on this majestic island for the visitors of Angela Suits +Lobby to enjoy!

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